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Tonier Cain International gives back to the community. Through our non-proft Neen Cares, Inc., we host a variety of annual events benefitting children and families in Annapolis, MD and the surrounding area. This community engagement in Annapolis is ongoing and expanding to include more activities each year.

Neen Cares, Inc. is focused on initiatives to broaden and deepen our engagement with communities across the United States and around the world. We’re excited about galvanizing communities through sustainable training and resources, focused on helping families and community members overcome barriers to their success in life and work. Our goal is to unify communities and empower trauma survivors by creating villages of hope.

Neen Cares, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization. Donations are tax deductible.

For more information about our community outreach, intervention and support services, please call (443) 963-2199.

Neen Cares Intervention Services

Neen Cares Trauma House

The Neen Cares Trauma House program is designed to provide a safe, stable, trauma informed, residential facility for women who have had prolonged and recurrent traumatic experiences in their lives and struggle with substance abuse, incarceration, mental health and homelessness.

The vision of this program is to offer an opportunity for our “partners” who have recently been released from some form of incarceration, substance abuse or half-way house, an opportunity to address the trauma some may have experienced as early as childhood, with the hope that after successful completion, they will have the tools needed to be the productive and gifted citizens they were created to be, and move forward living a healthy lifestyle.

Research has demonstrated the connection between traumatic experiences and the impact they have on one’s mental health, decision making and criminal activity. Juanita’s House will provide a safe space not just for our partners to become self -aware, but it will offer a wholistic approach to the true healing from trauma. Partners will participate in ongoing counseling through group and individual sessions administered by licensed and trauma informed trained therapist. Case Managers knowledgeable of community resources will be linked with each partner to provide assistance during the program as well as aftercare support. We recognize the individuality of our partners and ensure that counseling, case management and life skill classes are tailored to each of their needs (housing, education and employment) at the beginning of their journey and will be modified as the need arises. All professionals involved in the program are trauma informed care trained and have met all standards required to become a Neen Cares team member.

Life Support Resource Center

In response to the needs of the residents of your community to move forward to live healthier, successful lives, we will train all staff and community partners on the RICH approach. Once participants are TCI certified we will assist in the following areas:

  • Aiding residents in dealing with community violence, drug addiction, domestic violence, human trafficking and mental illness
  • Re-entry into the community from incarceration or residential programs
  • Providing comprehensive care management and advocacy including but not limited to: assessment to determine service needs, development of an individualized integrated care plan, referral and related activities to help the residents obtain needed services, monitoring and follow-up and evaluation
  • Providing trauma informed peer support services for day to day life
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Neen Cares Support Services

Tools for Healthy Living

Many people stick with what’s familiar because we’re conditioned by our environments. Many trauma survivors live in survival mode. They revert to old ways or bad habits to get by. Our life coaching can help them develop tools to make healthier decisions. We use Tonier’s Relationship after Trauma book as a guide, when working with families and community members.

Peer Support

We offer a safe environment for those who have yet to find their voice. Through our Peer to Peer Program, we are able to provide opportunities for knowledge to be acquired. This unique program allows experiences to be shared and hope found. We offer emotional, social and practical help through group and individual sessions.

Neen Cares Youth Sports and Community Outreach Services

We host a variety of annual events benefitting children and families through an ongoing and expanding engagement to provide more activities each year. We currently offer basketball camps and football clinics for youth, as well as toy drives and thanksgiving services for the community.

Upcoming Events

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