Our movement is devoted to developing universal understanding of the nature of trauma. We are committed to ensuring trauma survivors receive the support they need to thrive. Our work continues to cultivate communities that utilize trauma informed practices to assist survivors.

Tonier Cain International focuses on heightening awareness of the characteristics and effects of trauma and improving the performance of service providers, businesses, government agencies and others who interact with trauma survivors.

In Her Own Words

Lasting social change occurs one-by-one, one person, one organization, one company, one place, one common purpose at a time, but it only succeeds when one becomes many and goes on to become many more. That is how we see our work. Going from one to include many and on to engage many more.

As Tonier has said, “Where there’s breath, there’s hope.” We believe in the power of hope to animate lives that from outside look irreparable. We are committed to creating genuine opportunities for trauma survivors to sustain hope by mobilizing society to lend a hand.

Executive Team

Tonier Cain

CEO / Founder

Desirae Wright

VP, Global Operations

Donna Sweeting

VP, Programming

Christopher K Wright

VP, Marketing and Branding

Tonier Cain International

Utilizing trauma informed practices to assist survivors.

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