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Our movement is devoted to developing universal understanding of the nature of trauma. We are committed to ensuring trauma survivors receive the support they need to thrive. Our work continues to cultivate communities that utilize trauma informed practices to assist survivors. Learn how we can help you enrich your trauma awareness and create environments where employees, patrons, clients, families and community members can live and work free of abuse.

Hi. I’m Tonier…

I’m a trauma survivor and internationally recognized trauma informed care expert.

Tonier Cain International focuses on heightening awareness of the characteristics and effects of trauma and improving the performance of service providers, businesses, government agencies and others who interact with trauma survivors.

“Where there’s breath, there’s hope.”

Tonier Cain International believes in the power of hope to animate lives that from the outside look irreparable.


Kristine Irwin

In the trauma informed care courses I teach, we show a portion of the Healing Neen Documentary. I was so touched by Tonier’s story when I first participated in the class. After seeing the video many times, it still brings me to tears. As a rape survivor, I am so inspired by Tonier’s resilience and strength, and how she has taken what has happened and is now able to help others.

Kristine I.


Rebekah Weymes

I attended a talk given by Tonier last night, and it was life changing. Her story of courage and resilience is breathtaking.

Rebekah W.


Victor Reyes

The purpose of this note is to express my gratitude for all that you have done and share the impact you have had on women at the Colorado Department of Corrections LaVista facility located in Pueblo, Colorado. The deep conversation that followed was an opportunity to reflect on lives and hope for a future in which the processes of freeing oneself of habits and patterns rooted in traumatic experiences would lead to a happier life. Once again, thank you.

Victor R.


Devoted. Committed. Transformed.

Tonier went from being a trauma survivor in need of help, to training the providers that provide the help. The traumas Tonier endured motivates her to be an agent of change for all trauma survivors. That is the foundation of Tonier Cain International’s commitment to transforming lives.

Products, Publications and Training

Tonier Cain International is dedicated to providing awareness to the characteristics and effects of trauma within society through books, on ground and online training. Along with our annual conferences, television shows and inspirational speaking, we know that we can make a difference in the lives of trauma survivors and trauma care providers.

Neen Cares

Intervention, Support and Community Outreach

Tonier Cain International provides resources to families to help them live healthier lives, as well as give back to the community.

Through our non-profit Neen Cares, we host a variety of annual events benefitting children and families in Annapolis, MD, surrounding areas and expanding to other cities and states. This community engagement and support to families is ongoing and expanding to include more activities each year.


Relationships After Trauma

In her latest book, Tonier Cain explores how to keep surviving a traumatic background in many settings – as a mother, as an employee, as someone active on the dating scene, as a person undertaking marriage again, as a friend, as a business owner, and – critically – as a child of God. This guidebook, with it’s companion journal, also includes the words of others who have gone down the same dark roads and tells how they managed to emerge.

Tonier Cain International

Utilizing trauma informed practices to assist survivors.

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