Meet Tonier…

Trauma survivor and internationally recognized trauma informed care expert.

Tonier works tirelessly to raise the awareness about trauma informed care around the world. She has trained providers in all 50 states. Tonier is an advocate and educator, speaking all over the world on trauma, addiction, incarceration, homelessness, substance abuse and mental health. Her work has been used as a model in other countries for the establishment of their trauma informed care protocols.

Tonier was the former team leader for the National Center for Trauma Informed Care, with the National Association of State Mental Health Program Director. Currently she works to create international leaders in the field of Trauma Informed Care. She hosts an annual national conference to update and enlighten providers on current best practices. Tonier’s methods have proven to be effective, resulting in numerous awards for her work. She has been honored by two governors, a mayor and a state attorney with proclamations naming days after her, because of her help to transform their city and state.

Tonier is the C.E.O. and Founder of Tonier Cain International, Founder and President of Neen Cares, Inc. A 501 C 3, Founder and Co-C.E.O. of M.E.T.-R Integrated Health Global, as well as the Founder and C.E.O. of Purposeful Entertainment, a media production company.

She is an award-winning Film Producer that is the Creator and Producer of the upcoming tv show Restoration, Executive Producer of the film Walking Thru Bullets, subject and Co-Producer of the Award-Winning Film Healing Neen, along with being featured in the Documentary Behind Closed Doors: Trauma Survivors in the Psychiatrist System and advising on the film Like Any Other Kid.

Tonier is an author and serves as a Citygate Network Board Member. Her commitment to advocating for those who are often forgotten hasn’t gone without recognition. She has been featured in many articles including December’s 2014 Ebony magazine and appeared on over 17 talks shows. Tonier Cain uses her life experiences to make a difference for trauma survivors.

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Utilizing trauma informed practices to assist survivors.

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