Through our production company, Purposeful Entertainment, we are currently producing, movies, documentaries, tv shows and other media, to bring awareness to trauma. Purposeful Entertainment owns and produces films and tv shows that changes lives, uplifts, inspires and gives hope.

Talk with Neen

Tonier Cain hosted tv show in production.

Coming summer 2019.


TV show in production.

Coming summer 2019.

The Deliverance Tour

Is a faith based, spiritual tour where Tonier and her team travel the world delivering a powerful message of God’s deliverance and redemption.

Contact us to get more information on how to bring the tour to your area.

Tonier Cain: Dark and Light Years

An upcoming documentary by Riverphlo Productions, chronicling Tonier’s darkest years to her incredible light years. 

Currently in development.

The Unseen Village

A powerful, heart-wrenching film, about the Nigerian girls and boys kidnapped by Boko Haram returning to their village.

Currently in production. This film premieres December 2019.

Tonier Cain International

Utilizing trauma informed practices to assist survivors.

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