Neen Cares 6th Annual Thanksgiving Outreach Event

This is our 6th annual Thanksgiving event! We will be giving out food and other needed supplies to the homeless, shut-in and elderly.

Neen Cares Derby ‘N Dance Party

This high energy, interactive, fun filled party is fun for guest of any age! When guest arrive, they will each receive a custom Neen Cares race program. With this program, guest will head to the “Wagering Windows”. From here, our guest will select one horse in each race.

There will be 5 races held on a colorful “Twin Spires” race track display. This holds a large screen where beautifully colored animated horses are shown. If their horse wins, they will go back to the window and receive a prize drawing ticket. The more winners they pick, the more tickets they will have for the prize drawing. Dance music will be played on a state-of-the-art-sound system between the races for those who want to dance or those who want to mingle and enjoy the high energy of the event.

All proceeds collected from this event will go directly to the sustainability of Juanita’s House. 

4th Annual National Healing Neen Trauma Informed Care Conference

Integrating your trauma informed care knowledge into the lives of survivors is the focus of this national conference.

Our goal is to bring the country together to network as a communityof trauma informed care. At the end of this conference, each attendee will be well-equipped on how to apply the proven tools necessary to help survivors of trauma on a long-term, ongoing basis.

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